Pipe bursting

3 Tips to Keep Your Pipes from Bursting

It’s one of the worst home disasters you can experience, but it happens to hundreds if not thousands of Americans every year, the burst pipe. The worst part about a burst pipe? Many times, it can be preventable. So, you have a disaster that could cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home, is preventable is most cases, but it still happens?

This is because most people don’t know the steps they can take to prevent their pipes from bursting. Let’s not let burst pipes happen to you, here are three tips for keeping your pipes nice and toasty, and much less likely to burst.

3 Tips for Keeping Your Pipes from Bursting

Don’t Let Your House Get Too Cold

You likely won’t have issues with burst pipes while your home is occupied and kept warm during frigid conditions, but many people get in trouble when they leave home for several days. Not wanting to waste power they drop the thermostat down to 60 or even colder, and come home to burst pipes. To prevent pipes form bursting, you should keep your home at a minimal temp of 65, even if you are going out of town.

Get Your Drip On

If you want some extra help to keep your pipes from bursting, you can consider leaving your taps on a small drip. This will keep the water flowing in your pipes, and moving water is much less likely to freeze than standing water. Freezing water is what bursts pipes so keep it flowing.

Consider Giving Your Pipes Some Help

If there is plumbing in particularly cold areas of the home or your property, considering bundling them up for the cold season. Meet with a certified plumber to walk around your home’s plumbing and consider where you can insulate. It’s giving your pipes a jacket for the winter.

Bonus Tip: Open up your cabinetry before you leave town to allow air to circulate and hot pipes.

If you want to come home from your sunny vacation to a flooded-out house then don’t follow any of these tips. If you do want to come home to your house exactly the way you left, use the above tips to keep your pipes from bursting by keeping them warm no matter what’s going on outside.