Water leak

5 Signs You Have a Water Leak

Modern plumbing is a miraculous innovation. Homeowners don’t have to go to an outhouse to do their business or haul in fresh water for use, it’s all on demand, all the time. There’s just one catch with modern plumbing, it has the potential to do damage to your home. There’s no question that the conveniences of modern plumbing far outweigh the risks, but your home’s plumbing could be having an issue right now and you don’t even know it.

Leaky plumbing has the potential to cause large amounts of damage to your home, but this can be mitigated by catching these leaks early. The only problem is some of these leaks may be in areas of your home that you can’t see or don’t visit often, but that’s OK. To help you better know when you may have a leak, let’s look at 5 signs that you may have a hidden leak.

5 Signs You Have a Hidden Plumbing Leak


Water stains are one of the first signs you have a leak somewhere in the house. These stains can be found on the ceiling and walls of your home and will instantly tell you water is coming in somewhere.

Peeling or Chipped Paint

Water doesn’t always show up as highly visible stains, but may show itself through peeling or chipped paint on your walls. If you see peeling or chipped paint, check for water stains in the area as well.

Damp Flooring/Carpet

If you walk into your living room and notice a damp spot and can’t see any signs of something being spilled, it could be a plumbing leak. This leaking could be coming from underneath your floors.

Sunken Flooring

If areas of your subfloor or home feel “sunken,” it could be the result of a long-running leak. Water from a leak can rot the joists used to hold up your flooring, leading to a big headache for the homeowner. If you have sunken flooring, call a plumber immediately.


If you flip a switch or appliance on and notice a large spark, shut that appliance or switch directly from the circuit box and step away. This issue could indicate water has found its way into electrical systems and presents an immediate danger to you, call a plumber right away.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, chances are good you have a plumbing leak. The longer you wait, the worse damage could become so pick up the phone and get your local and reputable plumber out to your home immediately to diagnose and fix the issue.