Air Handler Services in Castle Rock

Keep the air flowing throughout your home with top-quality air handler repair services from our cooling pros.

If you have a traditional air conditioner and furnace, chances are that you don’t know what an air handler is. An air handler is a component inside your HVAC system that’s responsible for distributing air throughout your home. Without it, you could find yourself struggling to keep comfortable in any weather. At Blue River Plumbing & Heating, we are your Castle Rock, CO air handler repair experts. We can locate and diagnose the problem, offer a long-term repair, and in the worst-case scenario, provide you with a quality replacement option.

Want to avoid AC mishaps in the future? Be sure to keep up with your AC routine maintenance services for a longer appliance lifespan.

What Is an Air Handler?

An air handler is a component of a home’s HVAC system that resides indoors. This unit is responsible for circulating both cool and warm air throughout your home. Air handlers look similar to a furnace, but they’re actually simply the housing where much of the temperature control process happens.

They include a blower to help circulate air, as well as filters and coils to cool and heat the air. These units work in conjunction with your central HVAC system to provide you with quality airflow and improved air quality.

How Do You Know if You Need Air Handler Repair?

If the volume of air coming out of your vents seems like it’s less than usual, it could signal that there is a blockage in your vents. There could also be a problem with the air handler’s blower. Air handlers are typically very energy-efficient, but they need clean, clear pathways with good airflow to function properly. Some common issues that could signal air handler repairs are needed include:

  • Dirty Filter: Filters keep your ducts free from debris and dust, which helps your air handler cycle cooled or warmed air through your home. They also ensure that the air flowing over the handler’s coils is clean.
  • Poor Temperature Control: You can develop buildup on the coils if you forget to change your air filter, which makes them less efficient. If you notice that the air isn’t as cool or warm as usual, it could be a sign of dirty coils.
  • Low Airflow: If your filters are fresh and your coils are clean, but there’s still low airflow, there could be a problem with the blower motor. Air has to pass over the coils and then blow back into your home to maintain a comfortable temperature. If the blower is underperforming or broken altogether, you’ll notice that your home is too hot or too cold.

If your home is struggling to keep cool, we offer expert AC inspections that can help diagnose your air handler issue. More often than not, a simple repair can have your home comfortable again in no time!

Is your AC unit not working at all? When you’re faced with an emergency situation, you need expert care. At Blue River Plumbing & Heating, our staff is available 24/7 for emergency care.

Quality Solutions From Our Experts

Your air handler is critical to helping maintain a consistent temperature in your home. Rather than delivering periodic blasts of cool or warm air, an air handler runs continuously at a low level. However, if there’s a repair concern forcing your unit to work harder than usual, you could find yourself dealing with an uncomfortable home. At Blue River Plumbing & Heating, we are your air handler repair and replacement experts. With detailed services and top-quality methods, we’ll get your home cool again in no time!

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