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Plumbing Decoration Ideas for This Year's Holiday Season

Have you Planned your Plumbing Decorations?

As the holiday season has arrived, many homeowners have begun decorating their yards and homes for the season. It’s a tradition that many look forward to and enjoy, and one that brings lots of joy.

Amidst holiday planning and decorations, most people don’t think much about their plumbing systems. That said, ignoring your home’s plumbing can make it stand out and become an eyesore amidst intricate decorations.

Rather than simply ignoring it, consider decorating your indoor and outdoor plumbing this year. It will give you a chance to get creative and to make your decorations really stand out. Here are some tips to help get you started with holiday plumbing decorations.

Including Outdoor Plumbing in Your Decorations

outdoor plumbingMost homeowners have some outdoor plumbing components that are visible, whether it’s pipes, faucets, mounted hoses, or sprinklers. Rather than just ignoring these as you decorate, consider ways to make them a part of your outdoor display.

Pipes are perfect for wrapping lights, as are mounted hoses. Garland also works great for both. Faucets are ideal for bows, and sprinkler heads are the perfect spot to do some festive spotlights.

If you don’t want to have your plumbing systems included in the display, consider covering them discreetly with a large decoration. Get creative and make these outdoor decorations your own!

Try Decorating Your Kitchen Faucet

Most people spend more time in their kitchen during the holiday season than anywhere else. Even when you’re entertaining, it seems like guests inevitably congregate in the kitchen. Prepare for this by making sure that your kitchen plumbing is decorated this year. Consider wrapping your kitchen faucet in garland, tinsel, or ribbons.

kitchen faucet

If you can do it safely, you can get really adventurous and wrap your faucet with lights. Or if you want to avoid the faucet itself, consider hanging a wreath or a bow over it or try simply putting a poinsettia by the sink. Some simple touches can help include your sink and faucet in your holiday display and make the are more festive for you and guests.

Decorating Bathroom Plumbing

bathroom plumbingThe bathroom is another area of the house that is often overlooked when it comes to holiday decorations. However, you and your guests will both spend time in there, so make sure to put some holiday cheer in your bathrooms this year.

In the shower, you can hang a holiday curtain. You can dress up the toilet with a holiday toilet seat cover. At the sink, add festive hand towels and seasonal soaps or lotions. You can also include a candle or some greenery to really finish off the look.

The bathroom is often one of the last places decorated, but a few touches can add to the overall feel of your home. Have fun decorating your home and yard this year. And, when it comes to your plumbing, get creative and find ways to include it in your display!

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