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Don’t Make These Super Bowl Plumbing Mistakes

The Super Bowl is the largest sports and television event every year, and this one game leads to many unique events across the country. Grocery store shelves are raided of chips and dip, hundreds of slow cookers heat up, bosses prepare for the inevitable sick calls on Monday, and plumbers are hit with several work-orders. What’s plumbing have to do with the Super Bowl? It’s not the game but the many mistakes that homeowners make with their plumbing during big events. Let’s learn some of the most common Super Bowl plumbing mistakes so you can avoid them.

3 Ways to Save Your Garbage Disposal During the Super Bowl

Easy on the Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal helps keep your sink free and flowing, but a garbage disposal is not meant to be a trash can. Garbage disposals are manufactured to handle small bits of food debris – not entire chicken wing bones. Be careful of what heads to your disposal during the game and avoid putting anything in there other than small bits of food. You should always avoid items that could wreck your disposal like bone and fibrous vegetables (like celery sticks.)

Keep FOG Away from the Disposal

FOG stands for fats, oils, and grease, and they should be kept away from your garbage disposal and plumbing. They may be liquid, but fats solidify and can clog both your plumbing and the local sewer system. Keep two appropriate vessels for grease and fat disposal, one for animal fats, and one for plant-based fats. Your city might offer grease pick-up services for certain types of fat.

Consider Downgrading

You may love the feel of luxurious bath tissue on your backside but if you’re having several people over those piles of pillowy-thick toilet tissue can become too much for your toilet. For a change, we recommend downgrading to single-ply toilet paper or a thinner toilet paper that will be easier on a toilet that’s getting frequent use.

The Super Bowl means our plumbing will go into overdrive but don’t push your systems too far. Be smart about what goes into the garbage disposal, never put FOG in the disposal, and outfit your bathroom with some thinner toilet paper to keep your toilet happy. Plumbers are busy the Monday after the Super Bowl, but you don’t have to be among the service calls by playing it smart.

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