Fixtures Repaired and Replaced

fixtures repaired and replaced

We’re facing a junk crisis, and unfortunately, most of it is due to our laziness. A few years ago when one of your heating or fixtures went out you didn’t buy a new one, you tried to have it fixed first. Luckily Blue River Plumbing still has the attitude of fixing before replacing but there’s good news if we can’t make the fix – we replace too. Blue River Plumbing can assist in several areas of fixture repair and replacement including:


  •  Antique fixture repair and replacement
  • Commercial fixture repair and replacement
  • Heating and Plumbing fixture troubleshooting, diagnosis
  • Fixture part allocation (helpful for antique or historical fixtures and appliances)

Regular fixture maintenance – We love coming out to help our neighbors when they have fixture problems, but we can help you avoid those fixture problems, to begin with. Have Blue River Plumbing inspect your plumbing and heating system including your fixtures for fewer service calls and more time enjoying your plumbing as it was meant to be – quiet and not on your mind.


Fixtures and Remodels


We’re experts on fixtures and love remodels. These two services go hand-in-hand so don’t look for a company to help you repair or replace a fixture, and one company to get fixtures, and another company to inspect the fixtures, let Blue River take care of it all.


Choosing a Local Company for Your Fixture Services


Blue River Plumbing has been serving the Castle Rock and surrounding area for years, and we’ve learned a lot about the fixtures and appliances that live in Castle Rock Homes. While every home is different this familiarity with our customers gives us an edge over the “big box” heating and plumbing services. Don’t choose the big box plumber; Blue River Plumbing is your neighborhood heating and plumbing service.

If you need any help with your heating and plumbing fixtures whether it be an antique radiator or new toilet, give Blue River Plumbing a call. We’ve been helping meet Castle Rock customers’ needs for years and are ready to help you with your project. Call directly or drop a message in our contact page to schedule your appointment and estimate today.

To request a friendly, honest service call, give us a ring today at 303-500-3953.