Frozen Pipe Repair

frozen pipe repairFrozen pipes are one of a homeowner’s worst nightmares. Imagine this scenario – you’ve just made it back from a weekend ice-fishing trip, and you’re exhausted. You open your front door and head to the bathroom, only to find that your bathroom has an inch of water on the floor, and is flowing into your bedroom. Your pipes have burst. You check your other pipes and notice that they are also frozen, but haven’t burst yet. So, should you try to thaw these pipes before they explode too? Heck no!


Thawed Pipes Service


Homeowners should never attempt to thaw frozen pipes themselves. Failure to properly thaw frozen pipes could cause them to burst, or could cause unseen damage to your pipes that could weaken them over time. Let Blue River take care of thawing any frozen pipes.


Blue River has the skills and tools necessary to thaw any frozen pipes without causing any further damage to your home or its plumbing. We utilize a combination of electric pipe-thawing machines, specialized steam units, and other tools to thaw the pipes with precision and efficiency.


Note: Not all pipe thawing experiences are completely painless. If a frozen pipe is found on your wall, we may need to get access to it. The good news is that we can help you out with any necessary drywall or other repairs after pipe thawing service.


Frozen Pipe Prevention


Preventing frozen pipes at home requires homeowner vigilance when temperatures drop through opening cabinets, running water slowly but regularly, and keeping your ambient home temperature above 65. However, there are some pipes that will naturally be susceptible to freezing through no fault of your own.


Blue River can help look for pipes that are more susceptible to freezing and can make recommendations and adjustments with insulation, upgrading plumbing materials, and more. Proactive prevention is the best way to keep your pipes warm and the water flowing.


So, if you have frozen pipes, or are certain that one of your pipes is on the verge of bursting, give us a call. We’ll warm your pipes up and help keep frozen pipes from happening in the first place.