Fixing a pipe quickly

How to Quick Fix a Pipe Leak

Have a pipe leak? Not sure what to do? While you can always call a plumber – and should – it still may take some time for them to get there and take care of the issue. If you can’t wait for a plumber, have some handyman skills, and want to try and mitigate damage, consider these two quick fixes for a pipe leak.

Quick Fixes for a Pipe Leak

Use a C-Clamp

One of the quickest ways to fix a pipe leak temporarily includes a C-clamp, a piece of rubber and a block of wood. Once you have these items on hand, turn off the water to your home or property. Put the piece of rubber over where the pipe is leaking, then put the wood on top of that. Now, use the C-clamp to surround all three items and secure them in place tightly. This is a quick fix until your plumber arrives.

Use a Sleeve Clamp

Using a sleeve clamp and a screwdriver, you can quickly stop a leak temporarily whether it’s big or small. You’ll need a sleeve clamp that fits the size of your pipe, so one size doesn’t fit all. To use one, you’ll surround the area of the leak with the sleeve, then screw it tightly in place. This should help stop the leak until a plumber arrives to fix it further.

Regardless of the method you use above, make sure to call a plumber to come out and evaluate the leak. While these quick fixes can mitigate damage and other issues for a while, they are just a stop gap to completely fixing the issue. This may involve replacing piping, which can be a hassle in of itself. Make sure to let your plumber look at the damage and take care of any issues you have with a pipe leak before it’s too late.