How to fix a PVC pipe leak

How to Tighten PVC Pipes Under Your Sink

Have you ever opened the cabinet under the kitchen or bathroom sink, only to find the space covered in dripping and standing water? When pipes under the sink come loose, you’ll notice this water inside the cabinet or on the floor below. Connections in the sink drain consist of large ring nuts that create a seal when tightened against nylon washers. When one or more of the nuts become loose or crack, the pipes leak as a result of the broken seal. The good news is, fixing PVC pipes under your sink can be super easy.

Use These Steps to Effectively Fix a PVC Pipe Leak Under Your Sink

Start By Observing the PVC Pipe Leak

First thing is first, clear the area under your sink and remove any supplies or equipment from the cabinet space. Then turn on the faucet and observe the PVC pipes under your sink. You’ll notice water dripping, indicating the culprit of your cabinet moisture. If the water is leaking from a ring nut, use large, adjustable pliers to tighten the object clockwise. If the leak persists, turn off the water, and try the next solution.

Replace the Materials Where Necessary

If tightening the ring nut clockwise does not fix the leak, turn off the water then loosen the ring nut at the leaky connection by rotating the pliers counterclockwise. Once able, separate to connection by hand, then remove the nut and nylon washer from inside the PVC pipe. In order to now fix the leak, you’ll want to replace the ring nut by installing a new one onto the end of the pipe. Then slide a new washer against the nut. Thread the nut by hand into the connection and tighten it by rotating the ring nut clockwise. Tighten the ring nuts snug, but be careful not to tighten too much as to cause cracks and breaks in the materials.

Don’t let simple plumbing tasks scare you. Follow these steps to tighten PVC pipes under your sink, and put a stop to the moist mess wreaking havoc below your sink.