Customer Reviews

Paul B.Paul B.

After several successful home repairs today, including 2 sink drain clean outs, I turned my attention to the leaky valve in the shower. Two trips to Lowe's (forgot valve seats) and I was reassembling my valve with completely new innards. What I didn't tell you is that the valve was a bear to open, having been crusted shut after 22 years of use. Turns out that little extra tweaking during my disassembly popped a couple of seals (soldered) on the back of the old valve, rendering it dead, broken, inoperative.

I was about to call the old plumber I'd had out before. When it occurred to me to check Yelp first. I found my old plumber awash in a sea of bad reviews. 🙁

Going by Yelp reviews and the desire to support small local business, I chose Blue River. Now I called them at 3:30 in the afternoon and was told I'd have a plumber out in about an hour. I was a little skeptical... I was pleasantly surprised when they stayed true to their estimate. Dallas arrived at 4:30, had a look and confirmed that I needed a new valve. Since his supply house was closed, I asked if it was okay to run over to Lowe's to pick up a new valve. He actually *waited* for me to run to Lowe's, which I did in just under 20 minutes round trip. But hold on, it gets better! Dallas was a little concerned about fit, extra cost for cutting holes, you name it, this was looking ugly. Not only did he get the new valve to fit, not only did he not have to chop holes, not only did he do a pro job sweating the new valve in place... he did all this in just *under* an hour! No leaks and we have water tonight! (I had to turn the whole house off after I busted the old valve.)

I should also mention the great communication. A pleasant lady answered right away and accurately recorded my info. Dallas called me when he was 9 minutes away to let me know he was inbound. They have this text (on your mobile) feature that lets you know exactly what they are doing. 100% A+ on comms!

Thank you Dallas for the excellent and professional work at the end of the day! Thank you Blue River for the great response and for fixing our problem within THREE hours of my call. That's first contact to problem SOLVED in less than 3 hours! Wow.

Carolyn R.Carolyn R.

We hired this company after another person didn't show up twice in a row. I'm so thankful to give them our business instead. We had a problem with our boiler heater and Trevors came out to repair the issue. He was very friendly, thorough, punctual and a great communicator. He actually showed up early to do a quick evaluation while on his way back from a nearby job. While the problem ended up being a bigger job than I expected I was very happy that he took the time to show me what happened and why it ended up being more work. He also checked in before starting anything to give me an idea of what was going on and how much it was going to cost so that there weren't any huge surprises when it was done. He worked quickly and I was very happy with the project from beginning to end. The company is very professional and I highly recommend them!

Teagen F.Teagen F.

I had to get my AC and furnace serviced, cleaned, and certified for potential buyers. Travers came out, was very friendly, worked around my schedule and was fast. My AC worked better after he worked on it. Then a second inspection left my AC not working, I called Travers and he spent at least 20 minutes on the phone with me helping me figure out what the inspector had done to screw up my AC and furnace. He quickly figured it out over the phone and saved me a lot of money. I would highly recommend this company and especially Travers!

Frank Z.Frank Z.

My favorite plumbers I have had the pleasure to have working on my house.

I used to work in an HVAC company, and these guys know their stuff.  Were very helpful and professional.

They are my plumbers now.

I worked with Brayden and Dallas.  Patti in reception.  All very helpful and a joy to work with.