Water Heaters

water heatersThe ideal plumber will be reliable, local, and friendly. All qualities that Blue River prides itself on. Not only do we hang on our hat on our customer service but we also have a strong record of precise diagnosis, expert repair, promptness, and a service record that can’t be beat. Blue River can assist in both water heater repair and replacement as well as your other water heater needs. Let’s review the types of services Blue River can assist you with.


Water Heater Maintenance

Water heaters are full of moving parts and components that need regular service and maintenance to stay at their most effective. Have Blue River out at least once annually to inspect your water heater and make any necessary repairs or replace any worn out parts. One simple annual house call can save you from greater water heater frustrations down the road.


Water Heater Repair


Water heaters can be fickle but Blue River can assist in any water heater repair needs. Common water heater issues that we can help you with include:

• Fluctuating water temperature
• Lack of hot water
• Sediment buildup
• General wear-and-tear issues
• Replacement of parts
• Troubleshooting and diagnosis
• Puddle around the water heater
• Noises, thumps, bangs issuing from water heater


Water Heater Replacement


Water heater replacement should not be attempted by homeowners. If you think your water heater needs to be replaced or are actively planning to replace your water heater call on Blue River to assist you in the process.

Failure to install a new water heater correctly can lead to issues including premature aging and even failure. To struggle through that water heater replacement on your own, just give us a call and we’ll assist with a team of water heater experts.

Just because your water heater issue isn’t on this page doesn’t mean Blue River can’t help. Give us a call with any water heater issues and we’ll do our best to assist.
If you need a local and experienced crew to help with your water heater needs give us a call. Our friendly and skilled team will get your water heater issue repaired or replaced with a smile and leave you with a great finished product.

To request a friendly, honest service call, give us a ring today at 303-500-3953.