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Welcome to Blue River Plumbing & Heating, your Colorado Plumbing & HVAC Experts!

At Blue River Plumbing, we pride ourselves on exceptional expertise and customer satisfaction. Our services include fixture repairs & replacement, radiant floor heating, gas stoves, hot water heating, plumbing repairs, remodeling, sewer & drain cleaning and much more.

“The Plumber Protects The Health of the Nation”


Did you know that indoor plumbing has only been available for a little over 100 years? It’s hard to believe that people used to use out houses to go to the bathroom and pump water into a bucket to carry it to the house to be used for drinking and cleaning. To make hot water it had to be heated over a wood stove! That would not be fun in the summer time!


Plumbing has changed the world we live in dramatically! It has made our lives much better and more comfortable to live in. One of the greatest advantages of having fresh water in your home is overall better health. Being able to have access to clean fresh water by just opening a faucet and having dirty water be swept away by a drain has helped us fight disease and illnesses, not to mention we all smell much better then we did 100 years ago!


Here at Blue River Plumbing and Heating we strive to live by the creed that we help protect the health of the nation.


To help our customers understand the plumbing system in their homes, we provide a free plumbing inspection. We will walk you through the workings of your home’s plumbing system and encourage you to ask questions about anything you don’t understand. If there are problems found we will provide you with options for repairs. There is no high pressure sales pitch or required obligation to get you to buy things you don’t need. This is a complimentary service to make you aware of any potential problems that you may not have known you have. Part of this process is to make sure that the problem you are having is not a symptom of a bigger issue, and that the repairs that we make are on the correct part of your system.

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