Toilet in bathroom

3 Reasons You Have a Slow-Flushing Toilet

There are a few plumbing issues that your home is likely to experience at least during your ownership. One of the most common, but frustrating regardless, is when a toilet flushes slowly or incompletely. Not only does this frustration blow up your water bill, but it can also flat out be an annoyance to flush the toilet once, then a second time, then a third time before everything is taken care of.

Many homeowners ignore this issue, but that may not be the wisest thing to do. A toilet that flushes slowly could be indicative of a bigger problem. Let’s review some of the more common causes of a slowly flushing toilet, so you know how to solve the problem.

3 Causes of a Slow-Flushing Toilet

Leak in the Pipes

A leak in one of your plumbing pipes is characterized by low water pressure. Most people notice low pressure from leaks in the shower or in taps, but it can also affect the toilet too. This could lead to contaminated water in the home so if you suspect your slow-flushing toilet is caused by a leak, have a plumber address it immediately.

Toilet is Damaged

Damage, age, and wear and tear in the toilet itself could lead to slow-flushing toilets. Even if your toilet shows no visible damage, it simply could be past its prime as a working feature. If your toilet has seen better days, consider having it replaced.

Partial Clog

A full clog will back up your pipes and leave you with a huge mess on your hands in an overflow, but a partial clog could cause symptoms like a slowly flushing toilet. If your toilet is flushing slowly always check to see if you have a partial clog and remove it when applicable. It’s only a matter of time before partial clogs turn into full clogs, leading to the dreaded overflow.

If your toilet doesn’t flush fully or is flushing slowly, you could have an issue on your hands. Check for a leak in your pipes, check to see if the toilet is damaged, and check for partial clogs. If you need help with this or can’t figure out your slowly-flushing toilet, simply call on a local plumbing expert to get things back to a flawless working condition.