Fixing a plumbing issue

5 Common Plumbing Issues to Fix ASAP

You use it every waking hour of every day, but we don’t treat our home’s plumbing with enough care as we should. The modern plumbing system is a complex of a network of many plumbing components, and when one thing goes wrong, it has the potential to spread to other parts of a plumbing and cause a huge headache for you.

Since modern plumbing doesn’t break down too often, it is easy to ignore small issues, but those small issues can turn into bigger issues. Let’s learn more about some common plumbing issues and why you should have them addressed by a plumber immediately before your kitchen becomes a swimming pool.

5 Common Plumbing Issues You Shouldn’t Ignore

Blocked/Clogged Drains

Blocked drains are one of the most common plumbing issues out there, and unfortunately, many homeowners allow their pipes and drain to remain clogged. Clogged issues may not seem important but they can be a biohazardous disaster if allowed to stagnate. To avoid smelly and unsanitary conditions in your home, always have clogged drains immediately addressed.

Leaky Water Heater

Puddles underneath your water heater is a sure sign that things aren’t quite right with your water heater. Get a leaky water heater fixed immediately before you lose hot water or allow your water heater to become permanently disabled.

Dripping Faucet

A dripping faucet might be a cracked O-ring, but it may be an early warning sign of other plumbing issues. If you have a dripping tap or faucet, have it taken care by a professional to make sure your plumbing components are functioning the right way.

Running Toilets

Running toilets are both annoying, and can skyrocket your water utility bill, so it’s always advisable to have a running toilet addressed immediately. A plumber can let you know if your running toilet is a simple fix or an indication of a larger problem.

Frosted/Wet Pipes

If you notice frosted or wet pipes during the winter months, your pipes are too cold! Frosted or pipes with condensation on them let you know you need to do something to warm your plumbing before it bursts all over your new carpet.

Most of these plumbing issues don’t affect your daily life, but if ignored they could turn into something much more serious. If you are experiencing any of the issues above, make the call to your reputable and local plumbing service today.