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Commercial Plumbing: Scope of Work

While most plumbers are capable of doing both residential plumbing and commercial plumbing work, often many specialize in one area of the other. This allows them to dedicate training and work more efficiently for their business. We’ve talked about residential plumbing and what that entails, now we’ll explain what commercial plumbing is and what you can expect from a commercial plumber.

So, What Does a Commercial Plumbing Scope of Work Look Like?

Commercial plumbing, like residential plumbing, focuses on installing, repairing, and replacing plumbing in a building. For commercial plumbers, they’re focused on buildings, warehouses, industrial complexes, and larger properties than a home or apartment. Although, apartment complexes depending on the size can fall under the scope of commercial plumbing work.

Commercial plumbers help with a variety of tasks within a building, including:

  • Maintaining plumbing fixtures within a building itself, along with individual offices.
  • Cutting an opening in structures to repair or install new piping or handle issues.
  • Assemble piping sections, tubing, and fixtures within a wall or under floors.
  • Review building codes and blueprints to ensure plumbing is to part with industry standards and government regulations.
  • Recommend changes to current plumbing structure in buildings to overcome issues.
  • Locate, mark, and document positions of pipe installations, connections, and more for future reference.

In addition to the above, a commercial plumbing company will help you understand how the plumbing works in your building no matter its age and help you maintain it. They’ll be able to describe issues for you to be aware of and what needs to be taken care of to avoid issues in the future. They’ll be able to assist in repairing and maintaining your building’s plumbing, as well as be on call for emergency issues if you need them.

When choosing a plumber, it’s important to choose one that can help you with the issues you’re experiencing. You may need a plumber who specializes in the plumbing situation, and that’s why knowing the differences between types of plumbers is important.