Heating & Cooling Services in Littleton, CO

Enjoy consistent temperature in your home in any weather with expert HVAC care from Blue River Plumbing & Heating.

Running your heating and cooling systems can get expensive. However, our experts at Blue River Plumbing & Heating have several great strategies to help you reduce your energy use. Even small changes can have a significant impact on your monthly bill. With decades of experience and top-quality technicians, you can count on us to keep all your HVAC systems in top working order. As the most trusted AC company in the Littleton, CO area, we go above and beyond with every service.

Heating and cooling services in Littleton, CO

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Ways to Reduce Your Heating Costs

Do you feel like your utility bill is getting out of control? If you’re searching for ways to save a few dollars and benefit the environment, look to your furnace. There are several easy things that you can do to improve your furnace’s energy efficiency, thereby reducing your monthly energy bill. Try the following strategies to reduce your energy consumption:

  • Turn Your Thermostat Down – One or two degrees may not seem like a lot, but it can have a significant impact on your heating costs. Instead of keeping your house at 70 degrees, set your thermostat to 68 and wrap up in a cozy blanket.
  • Install a Smart Thermostat – Smart technologies are saving homeowners a lot of money on their monthly bills. Set your thermostat to a significantly lower temperature during the daytime when you and your family are away at work and school. You’ll be shocked at the amount of money you save!
  • Change Your Air Filter – Air filters are very affordable, so change yours frequently. Your indoor air quality will improve, and your furnace will run more efficiently.
  • Upgrade To a More Energy-Efficient Furnace – Modern furnaces are much more energy-efficient than older models. Older heaters use a lot of energy when they turn on and blast your home with hot air. However, new furnaces with variable speed technology use less energy while also keeping your home at a more consistent temperature.

Routine maintenance and repair can help keep your furnace running well for several years. If you decide that it’s time to upgrade your heater, schedule an appointment with our furnace contractors. We’ll help you choose the unit that’s right for your home and then complete an efficient installation.

Benefits of Routine Air Conditioner Maintenance

Does your air conditioner really need a tune-up each spring? Well, yes and no. New air conditioners can keep your home cool with little to no maintenance. However, your unit may not be running as efficiently as it could be, which will drive up your monthly energy bill. You should have a professional inspect and maintain your spring each year before you turn it on to reduce your energy consumption.

Quality maintenance can also help your air conditioner last longer and help you avoid costly repairs as it ages. You might feel like you’re saving money by skipping your yearly maintenance appointment. In reality, you'll end up purchasing a new air conditioner prematurely, which is significantly more costly.

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Your Heating and Cooling Experts

Maintenance and prevention are our forte. We want your HVAC appliances to last as long as possible and run great the whole time. Ongoing checkups can catch minor issues before they turn into major problems. At Blue River Plumbing & Heating, we are your dependable HVAC contractors. Whether you need a complete AC replacement or you’re looking to get your furnace prepped for the winter, our staff is here to help.

As the most trusted heating company in the Littleton, CO area, you can count on our proven track record. And because we know heating and cooling issues happen when you least expect them, we’re available 24/7 for emergency care.

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