Sump Pump Services in Castle Rock

Your sump pump is a fail-safe that can protect your home from water damage. Don’t let your unit fail you; Call Blue River Plumbing & Heating today for service.

Your sump pump provides an essential function to your home, one that you’ll want to be sure is there and working properly when you need it. At Blue River Plumbing & Heating, our technicians are experienced and knowledgeable on sump pumps and can make sure yours is in good working condition. Whether you live in an area of Castle Rock, CO that’s prone to flooding or you just want to be sure a burst pipe won’t spell disaster for your home, keeping your sump pump in good working order is essential.

Has a burst pipe led to flood damage around your home? We offer top-quality repairs to restore the flow of water to your home in no time!

Sump Pump Benefits

Your home is an incredibly valuable component of your life, which makes protecting it important. Your sump pump provides essential protection against disaster. In your basement or crawlspace, you’ll find a small pump installed. The job of the sump pump is to ensure your basement or crawlspace stays dry and doesn’t flood.

When your sump pump is working properly, it will pump water away from your home and keep the area dry. It’s important to have a properly working sump pump because not only does it prevent flooding, but it can also prevent mold and mildew growth by keeping the area dry. Mold and mildew growth can pose serious health problems if not controlled.

Sump pumps are required in most areas and are included in most new home construction. If your home doesn’t have one, and you would like one installed, Blue River Plumbing & Heating can help.

Submersible vs. Pedestal Sump Pumps

When you’re having a new sump pump installed, you’ll need to decide which model is best for your home. Our technicians will take the time to help you understand the differences and make the decision that’s best for you.

There are two primary types of sump pumps:

  • Submersible - Submersible pumps are installed into a sump pump basin underwater. This type of pump is quieter and can be more expensive, but they will tend to last longer than pedestal models. Some homeowners prefer this type because it is hidden.
  • Pedestal - Pedestal pumps are less expensive, but can also be noisier and have a tendency to sometimes overheat. These pumps sit above the basin and have an impeller that measures water levels inside the pit.

Choosing the right model for your home can depend on your budget, basement design, and needs. Not every home has a large enough sump pit for submersible models, so working with an experienced plumber is essential.

When disaster strikes, you can count on our plumbers for help. We offer 24/7 emergency services throughout the Castle Rock area.

Your Local Sump Pump Experts

When your sump pump fails or you need a new one installed, it’s important that you call in the experts right away - Blue River Plumbing & Heating. We hold an A+ rating with the BBB for superior service and will always do our best to provide you with helpful customer service as well as quality work.

We aren’t satisfied until you’re satisfied. So whether your old sump pump is making too much noise or you’re looking to protect your new installation project, our experienced plumbers are here to help!

If you need a plumber you can trust for your sump pump needs in the Castle Rock, CO area, you’ve found the best. Call us at (303) 500-3953 to schedule your appointment today.